Quick Visuals Of H’Armless Annie – Fashion Project (work in progress)

Just a little visual of a project I’m working on with a fashion designer. We’re 3D printing the designs out for an upcoming show. These are just two intermediate images of the virtual model shoot plus some wire frames of the other the other products. All good fun playing with fractals, fluids and working with a futuristic fashion designer which is definitely a different way of working from the usual stuff 🙂 The original Annie mannequin’s arm has fallen off 😦 but she’s been rebuilt here and is all better in her virtual world. This is all work in progress…

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Don’t Forget We Can Model, Design and Create Products & Packaging

Here at SCDC we don’t just do architecture. We can design and create packaging, help with branding, products etc and provide drawings, sketches and visuals for marketing purposes.

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This image was produced in just two days. One day modelling and one day rendering. Final image render took 2hrs 15 minutes at medium resolution. Not a bad end result although I personally wouldn’t have the SC Design Consulting tag but it was rude not too.



Eco-resort Kerala is open for business

The Eco-Resort I designed in Kerala is now open for business and voted one of the best resorts in India by business destination magazine. Some of the latest pics below but please check out the design link on SCDC.BIZ but if you’d like to book a trip or find out more then please take a look at http://www.carnoustieresorts.com/ I remember designing those columns and how much of a nightmare they were at the time. They’re looking pretty good now they’re in place.