The Delhi Smile – Open For Business. Film City. Delhi.

Nice to see something that was designed at a fast pace on my kitchen table, a bedroom in Leamington Spa, at various coffee shops in Bristol and partly in a camper van in West Wales adorning the Delhi Skyline.    Myself and long time friend, collaborator and Architect Jeremy Lim had a great time in India, Bristol & Leamington Spa doing what we do best. Apart from drinking good beer that is…

Who said architecture and design had to be tough eh? It’s hard to believe where this building came from but the images below will give you an idea of the process. From dodgy looking clay models & sketches through to 3D Concept CGI’s and as you will see the final building hasn’t really fallen that far from the original concept. We’re very pleased with it.

Author: cadman100

I've been lucky enough to have worked professionally in architecture and design for the last twenty years, building quite a substantial & prestigious international client base utilising a variety of professional skills including: building, architectural and engineering design, landscape design, graphic design, product design, branding, marketing, 3D computer modelling, imaging and innovative environmental techniques. I've worked here in the UK, Internationally and have spent quite a bit of my time in India, Russia, China & the Caribbean. I’ve also set up extensive computer aided design networks for architects, engineers, designers over the years and have been involved with the training of other professionals in CAD, 3D imaging and graphical design techniques and had a role as CAD Management. I’ve managed and run some highly successful businesses and design teams while remaining at the cutting edge of the latest technological advances software, hardware and the training within these relevant fields. I can offer clients advice and expertise in all areas of design, from feasibility and concept design stages, technical input right through to project completion including the branding and marketing of these projects all with the use of high-end graphical presentations, computer aided visuals and new web technologies. All work within this portfolio is my own. I have however collaborated with many organisations but sketches, 3D Visuals and designs are my work. I use many forms of media to produce my work from hand sketches, CAD drawings through to computer aided visuals.

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