Motion Music Venue By Simon Cooper Design Voted Best Large UK Club

Motion the Super Club in Bristol Designed by Simon Cooper Design has just been awarded the title of the UK’s best large club beating Fabric, Ministry of Sound, Egg and The Church in Leeds. Great news for us as we have played a big part of their re-development and upgrade over the last few years.

Alastair Brookes / Entirety Labs

Sticking with the industrial heritage of the site and the classic underground club style we are really please that the new venue upgrade and re-design has met everything that makes a club and music venue work.

Alastair Brookes / Entirety Labs

As you can see with the images that this place is a club for a large number of people and the simple design, layout and style lets the lighting and music which is changed on a daily basis do the talking.

Alastair Brookes / Entirety Labs

We are very proud to be part of the team at Motion and indeed proud of Bristol’s club being the best in the UK and being in the top 15 in the world rankings.

Simon Cooper Design – The New Office!

Just a little update on our new move. Simon Cooper Design are now located within the glorious location of Queen Square Bristol. That’s us in Number 61 Queen Charlotte Street conveniently close to the vibrant harbour side, King Street and Spicer & Cole Café.  Feel free to drop in for a chat, coffee and cake or after hours for a glass of beer.


Number 61 Queen Charlotte Street (Centre Of Photo)


A little bit of Eurovision glamour!

Here at Simon Cooper Design we do get a little bit of glamour in our lives from time to time. 🙂 In the last few weeks we’ve been working to help the brilliant people at (please do check them out) design a simple stage setup that gives this years UK Eurovision song contest entry Lucie Jones the chance to add some special effects and a futuristic look to her video that was filmed last week in cooperation with BBC Studios. All easy stuff for us to do with a bit of very basic 3D to help us get the idea across. You can see the end results in Lucie’s video link below.

V_10Screenshot 2017-03-15 09.44.09


The Delhi Smile – Open For Business. Film City. Delhi.

Nice to see something that was designed at a fast pace on my kitchen table, a bedroom in Leamington Spa, at various coffee shops in Bristol and partly in a camper van in West Wales adorning the Delhi Skyline.    Myself and long time friend, collaborator and Architect Jeremy Lim had a great time in India, Bristol & Leamington Spa doing what we do best. Apart from drinking good beer that is…

Who said architecture and design had to be tough eh? It’s hard to believe where this building came from but the images below will give you an idea of the process. From dodgy looking clay models & sketches through to 3D Concept CGI’s and as you will see the final building hasn’t really fallen that far from the original concept. We’re very pleased with it.